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Welcome to the Dr. James Craik Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) page! The PTO is made up of a group of parents and guardians of students and staff at Craik Elementary. Our goal is to assist the staff in making Craik Elementary a fun, exciting and safe place to learn. We donate our time and efforts to host events to help raise funds to contribute to this goal. Are you thinking about joining the PTO? We would love to have you!


Membership allows parents and guardians to:

●     Receive exclusive emails and newsletters from the PTO.

●     Attend monthly PTO meetings where you will be able to vote on pending fundraising ideas, events and matters.

●     Be able to actively participate in events that benefit the students.

●     Help raise funds to improve the school for students and staff.

●     Feel a sense of school community.

●     Meet other parents and guardians of fellow Craik students.


Membership requires a completed membership sign up form and the yearly dues payment of $10. Once this has been completed and collected, you will officially be a part of PTO! The monthly PTO General Meeting is the last Monday of the month at 6pm at Craik Elementary.


Last school year (2022/2023) we raised over $30,000 in fundraising without ANY use of door-to-door fundraising. This year we are hoping to exceed that amount, and we need your assistance to do so! Whether you can offer 5 hours of volunteering a month or 20, we will gladly take whatever you are able to provide. PTO strives to create opportunities for all parents and guardians, regardless of your schedule. If you can’t be present at the school during school hours, we also have opportunities to be able to take things home to work on.


We hope you will consider joining us this year. We have so many exciting ideas ahead!


Contact PTO


Facebook: Dr. James Craik Elementary School PTO

Instagram: Drjamescraikpto